Awaken to the hope within.

The most transformative movement in human history starts with you.

November 11, 2020

Activating the frequency of Hope

Join us for a free, day-long event to balance fear with the frequency of hope as we explore how to live, grow and thrive in alignment with the intelligence of nature and in harmony with one another.


This event is for anyone seeking to make a powerful and meaningful difference in the world and leave a legacy of hope for humanity.

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Calling on those who care about the future of humanity and the health of our planet to come together to amplify the uprising of hope.

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Hope has arrived.

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The pandemic of fear

The defining issue of our time is the rise in global fear.

Fear levels are increasing at an alarming rate as the effects of climate change, species extinction, a global pandemic, political fissures, and economic collapse are threatening every community across the planet. As the fears of humanity envelop the world, many people are feeling this real and tangible collective weight. The vibrational frequency of hope is the most potent antidote to the dense energy of fear that permeates throughout the world. Now, more than ever, we must awaken the hope within and let it reverberate across the planet in order to protect the balance of life in this time of heightened fear.

Hope is the medicine

Humanity stands at the precipice of evolution.

A clear path out of humanity’s hard times and misery begins within ourselves. Reconnecting to the wisdom of our own bodies, we can regenerate ourselves into a vibrant, thriving and creative expression of wellbeing. Cultivating our deep respect for the intelligence of nature, we can support the Earth as she regenerates herself. Reconnecting to who we truly are, we can generate Love, Life and Joy into the world.

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The evolution will be televised.

We've been spreading our message of hope through the media to balance a pandemic of fear.
Awakening to hope

Revolutionary to evolutionary.

Rennie Davis has lived many lives. From coordinator of the largest anti-war and civil rights coalition in the Sixties, to consultant of Fortune 500 companies and top executives — only to walk away from it all and spend four years in solitude at the basin of the Grand Canyon, re-emerging with a message of hope and empowerment for humanity. His involvement in “the most significant political trial in American history” has been portrayed in the recent Netflix film The Trial of the Chicago 7. But that was only the beginning of Rennie's story. Join us on November 11 to hear how he transitioned from revolutionary to evolutionary, as he shares his message of hope and guides us on a journey to activate the frequency of hope within ourselves.
Voices of hope

What inspires hope within you?

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Activating hope

Let's ignite the largest movement in human history.

Join us on November 11, 2020 for a free online summit, as we gather to spread hope to all corners of the globe. This day-long event will weave a tapestry of thought provoking, solutions-oriented conversations, inspirational songs and performance art pieces in celebration of hope, and uplift our minds, spirits and the frequency of the planet through a globally synchronized meditation to activate hope and restorative balance.
Hope meditation

Raising the frequency of hope.

Guided by the voice of Rennie Davis and accompanied by a musical score specifically composed for this project by Eric Moon, this meditation is embedded with precise (non-Hertz-scale) frequencies that support and deepen your inward experience and prepare you for the high frequency of electrical Life in its purest form to flow through you and ripple out into the world.
“The dissolving of emotional debris through this frequency has been a melting pot of deliciousness.”
Adora, Earth Whisperers Masterclass
Hope in motion

Together, this is doable.

As the largest change movement in history, we can become an unstoppable force for a new way of living, growing and thriving on Earth. These foundational pillars serve as the bedrock upon which an emerging New Humanity nation will be built, and will be the focus of the conversations and celebrations during this event.
These topics and more to be discussed during the event, so be sure to join us.

Choose the power of hope.

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Welcome to the Evolution.
A message from Rennie Davis, futurist, philosopher and coordinator of the largest war resistance and civil rights coalition in American history.